Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Prima Sneeks!

Howdy! Tonight, I came back from picking up my passport. I am so excited to know that I can go anywhere in the world! So I leaf through it, looking at the precious document. And it looks so important. So formal. The only thing that tarnishes that is the fact that they strive to make your picture

so awful.

I look like I just got picked up out of the gutter! Yucky.

Oh well, onto better things.

More Prima Sneeks from the Prima Blog!

Here is the Dude Collection:

I love the bright colors and since I dwell in a home that is swimming in testoterone, this will be excellent stuff to use. But, then again, there are still more sneeks to come!

And also Harmony:

Alrighty, gotta go and will come back with more!

1 comment:

Lovebug Kat said...

I NEED DUDE, dude!

OMG that is just the awesomest (if that isn't a word it darned well should be!) line I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!