Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me and the Kid Bake Fancy....or At Least Look Like We Do.

Ugh. Can we say cabin fever? In the midst of winter and maternity leave with a newborn and a six year old is enough to make anyone go stir crazy. As much as I'd like to get out of the house, the blizzards and record low temperatures don't bode well for taking out a new baby. That, and slippery roads make me flinchy.

Since I am trying to channel my inner Suzy Homemaker, I have taken to doing more cooking and baking. Although I love to cook from scratch, sometimes you aren't that ambitious and sometimes your six year-old wants to help. So I made a very kid-friendly recipe that makes it is not only easy and fun, but they are so tasty.

Grab a tube of Pilsbury Crescent Rolls, a tub of Nutella (who doesn't like Nutella?) and some coarse grain sugar.
Spread the Nutella evenly on each triangle of dough.
If you have other goodies, try sprinkling nuts, Skor bits or butterscotch chips over the Nutella.
Roll them up and dip the tops in coarse grain sugar.
Bake according to the crescent roll directions which is 375 for about 13 to 15 minutes.

A nice little decadent little treat, isn't it? Enjoy.