Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finding My Way Back Again or What i Did On My Extended Summer Vacation.

Hey there! It has been a while since I have been over to this blog, but I found that sometimes you need to put certain things to the side to focus on other bits of life. You know, get a shift in perspective and that is precisely what I did. Here I thought that this would be a year where I would be mega busy, working my little butt off with scrapbooking goodness, and it just didn't happen like I expected.

Instead, I just kind of sunk away and played Facebook until my heart's content. You know, that Mafia Wars game is plenty addicting.......

Well, that is not all that I did. I was plenty busy at home too.

I planted a flowerbed. It looks a little too weedy right now, but hey, considering not everything is dead yet, I am doing better than my average on that.

I spent more time with my boys. Every chance I have got, I have gone boating, fishing, walking, off to the park, went for lunch and suppers, BBQ'd, played ball and all that good stuff.

I lost 15 lbs and counting. I started eating better and being a lot more active. I can't say I have lost half my ass, but I am getting there!

I learned to fish. Yes, I already knew how to cast your line, reel it in and catch a fish, but this time around, I learned how to tie my line so my husband doesn't have to do it for me, the difference between different types of lures and when to use them, as well as many other things.

Hubby and I got some alone time. Some *real* alone time. Grandpa and Grandma took Jake for a couple of weeks. While they had fun, Trevor and I got to spend some rare time together.

I got a week alone.

But after all that, I have the urge to go downstairs and work on a page or ten. I guess that never urge never dies out, does it? I guess not, because all that time that I didn't make anything, I still bought some supplies here and there. So yep, I am back on the scrapbook horse again and I will talk to all again really soon.