Thursday, January 10, 2008

A couple toots, some really cool stuff, I am excited about a Little Toot and Sitting on Pins and Needles!

Today is such a cool day for me. It's an exciting scrappy day. So much so, that I mentioned a toot in my title twice, LOL.

I am busy working on some projects for submissions and I am seriously embracing hybrid scrapbooking. You know this summer, I really got into the digital stuff and it just really went from there. Now, I have always, since I started scrapbooking, done journaling and the odd bit of graphics on my pictures and enjoyed playing with photos, but now I have really embrace digital papers and seeing how they will mix with my much accued paper stash. Gotta use that up and get my fingers inky or it just wouldn't be right.

And now to the point of all that.

So, I am stalking the Prima Blog (I'll explain that too), when I come across......

Holee heck, could it get any better than that? Love Prima, am lovin' hybrid and they come out with this??!!?!? WOOT! Love it and it is only a CHA Winter sneek peek!
So now onto the stalking.....
Why the stalking? A few of you gals know that I entered the Prima Design Team Call because seriously, I love their stuff. I never really realized how much Prima I have actually used on pages and projects until I started prepping my entry for this call. And I am LOVING the Iron Orchid stuff. Even faired not to shabbily on this contest back in March of last year!
Seriously, to sum it all up into one big statement, I'd love to land on their DT because I love their stuff. Please send the good vibes and I promise if I don't get a call, I won't pout.
Well, I might pout a little, but only to the confines of my couch and a box of chocolate.
However, I must must must wish luck to all the ladies that entered along with me, and good luck to the people pouring over to the entries. I am sure you don't have an easy task.
Look to the left of this entry, and you will see some links to great scrappy blogs. I like to include great links for you to follow, but also because a lot of those great links are to my friends. Again, surfing my friends blogs the other day and as usual, I am reading up on Leica Forrest's blog because she always has some great things going on 'round there. Lo and behold, she listed me as one of her favorite blogs. What a sweetie! I think I had an in though, I am orginally from Saskatchewan. Nah, but I always cheer for my home province scrappers. Kidding aside, Saskatchewan has some scrappy talent.
Go check Leica's blog out, you'll go back again and again, I guarantee it. She a bubbly, talented fun-loving gal.

Since I already got you cruising the net, I'll send you somewhere else too. The girls over at Maya Road have been so busy with CHA that they searched for some inspiring projects from various scrapbookers.

Today, I got a little note from design team member Lisa Pace telling me they featured two of my projects on their blog! Cool!

It is the purse mini album I did in my last post and this Christmas tin and mini album

And I have to send a big kudos for this tin. My girly-friend Anam Stubbington inspired me to do this tin because of a project she created using the same tin and mini album. Now, Anam, I was going to link it, where did you put it online? Tsk, tsk! I can't find it!

note to readers about the previous statement (pssst, lean in here): just know that Anam's work kicks butt and I fully recommend that despite not seeing her version of that tin, she has some really neato stuff on her blog that you should check out anyways.
Thank you. That is all. :)

That is about the size of it! See you later!


Lovebug Kat said...

Janine you sweet thang you!

Just saw your awesome projects on the Maya Road site and giggled in glee at your success.

As I have told you a gazillion times, you rock baby!

Luv ya you silly bean!!!!!!!!!

Rachael said...

Love your projects, saw them on the blog!!

Good luck!!