Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer is Arriving In Sylvan....

I love the emergence of summer in Sylvan Lake. Now that the weather has been sunny and warm, it is like this town suddenly awakens. People begin to walk the streets and enjoy the beach and shops, the trees bloom and explodes in greenery. It almost seems like Sylvan Lake emerges from a mass hibernation, townfolk included!

And for our family it means that this red beast emerges from our garage.....

The big bad boat. And the whole family itches to get it on the water. But frist, Trevor must go through the ritual of prepping it for its first run and I know that it is one of his absolute favorite things to do. Well, besides getting pulled behind it.

This past weekend our boat made its 2007 debut. It couldn't have been a better weekend to get it started and get it on the water. And Sunday we did just that.

Off we went to the busy marina with our neighbours Mark, Dayna and their son Caden. We went and just had a burn around the lake and enjoyed the warm weather. And I also know that as much as Trevor and Mark would love to enjoy the "art" of wakeboarding, the water was still a little too cold to bother with out a wet suit.

A few more weeks of this kind of weather and we'll out there tubing, wakeboarding and dodging other boats that have the same notion as us.

This has now been Jacob's 2nd year enjoying racing along the waters of Sylvan and this year he was happy to be spending some time with his little neighbour buddy, Caden. The two of them loved wind rushing past furiously as they giggled and yelled as loud as they could, "This is FUN! WEEEE!!!!"

I have to say that I am so excited because on Saturday, I am making my way up to Edmonton to meet up with Anam and Trisha! I'll make sure we all take pictures. It is going to be a day and night of scrapping and having Anam teach me and Trish some phunky schtuff with Adobe Photshop Elements 5.0. However, I am diligently reading Photoshop CS for Dummies and so far, I have learned the basics.
However, I have experimented with this new knowledge and thought that I might experiment a little bit. And this new found digital obsession has prompted me to go crazy finding some great digital downloads to play with. As you can see, I added a new catagory of links to some great resourse sites for digi scrappin', and more will be added. Take a peek at these sites, I think you will agree with me how wonderful they are.

So once I get alittle better at this digi thing, I'm going to play with some hybrid layouts. Yes, yes, no fear, I will never permanently move to digi. What fun would that be?

And now, like I promised, I'll tell you about another class that I am teaching for Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids.
Memorabilia Matters
Scrapbooks are not always just about the pictures of life. It is also about memorabilia and reflections which rightfully belong on a page as well. In this class, you will construct a page with a couples theme that incorporates two different and unique techniques to add memorabilia and hidden journaling or a fun and exciting way to get people to interact and discover your pages in ways they never expected!
Sponsored by Serendipity Scrapbook & Gift Company, Sylvan Lake
Like I said, check it out at http://www.csc4k.com!

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Lynn said...

Love your blog! I would love to be living right at the lake, How fun!!