Monday, June 11, 2007

Faffing About with the Girls.....

You know, I was really wanting to post last night, but by the time I pulled out the ol' laptop I was way to tired to fiddle around. It was 11:30pm. I got caught up in playing with new scrap goodies! My friend Trisha gave me some Stix 2 adhesives and foils. I love this stuff! It stick like crazy, which being the lumpy scrapper that I am, you need stuff to stay.

I am particularly lovin' those Stix 2 foils too. I am using them for a clear mini album in progress. They are so easy to use. Just press it on the adhesive and voila the foil comes off the plastic. I will definitely be using it on more projects in the future.

Anyhow, I gotta say that I try to pop up to Edmonton about once a month now. Not only do I go to discuss Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids with Trisha, I have got to be friends with her and many of the wonderful and talented scrappers in Edmonton. They really are a fun bunch and I am lucky to have found them!

This past Saturday, I drove up for a night that was just all about relaxing and being with the girls. I started the tour by stopping at Ikea for yet another Goliat drawer set (amongst other treasures). They are cheap and attractive and are some of the few drawer sets that will hold scrapbook paper.

So there I am in one of the aisles wheeling my cart full of stuff, when a lady approached holding out a gift card with areceipt tucked neatly underneath. She gave me a spiel. She said that she had this gift card that had $160 left on it. She was leaving the country and had no more of a need for it. And just to get it off her hands, I could have it for the low, rock-bottom price of $100!

Now, at first I think, what a smokin' deal, but quite honestly, I never arry cash, getting some cash was a hassle, I was kinda in a hurry and I wasn't done shopping. So, I declined. I got a weird look, but I simply couldn't be bothered.

And I thought about it afterwards and questioned the logic of the whole scenario. This woman was from the Far East - Asia, Sinapore, India, doesn't matter where really, but it has a point. So I think, you are shopping for stuff at Ikea to bring it home with you. Heavy furniture. Extra stuff you have to pay to ship? Why? With air travel as tight as it is and even if it wasn't, why would you do that? Well, because she wasn't! Scam.

And I can thank lack of motivation for that one. Who says being lazy is all that bad!

Onward and forward, I met Trisha and Tracy at Treasured Memories. Went a little crazy on the Hambly Studios overlays and papers but I have a hard tome finding it anywhere else and it was a "treat yourself" kind of a day. So I did.

Then off to pick up Anam, with a trip directly to Urban Scrapbook and a pitstop at Fabricland. Lots of goodies.

When we got to Trisha's house, we met up with yeat another friend, Lea. We ate. We scrapped and we geeked out on our computers. It was a fun night of talking, laughing and enjoying ourselves!

We ate thanks to Tracy!

That girl can come cook for me anytime!

Lea played with Kota.

Anam snapped pictures.

Trisha played with Anam's new 'do.
That Anam broad is a real smart ass too! LOL
That new do of hers looks great!

And Trisha played with her Picture It Pageframes goodies. Cool stuff, she made us drool!
While we're on the subject of Trisha and Picture It Pageframes, I'll mention that she is teaching some way cool classes at CKC in Florida in July. If you are there, I'd check it out. I think it is going to be all the rage!

And a special THANK YOU to Trisha for being the hostess with the mostest and letting me crash on her comfy couch!!!!

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