Sunday, June 17, 2007

I am building an ark and gathering two of every animal

I really shouldn't start this entry out negatively but here it goes....

I am completely disgusted by the amount of rain that we are getting here in Alberta. You speak to most everyone and we are bewildered by it. We have all started to wonder if we didn't just wake up in Vancouver. But I think the worst part about it that it was a long winter and many, including myself have had the worst case of cabin fever. I know that I had been looking forward to my awaking from hibernation to enjoy the scenery of Sylvan Lake. Now with this rain, it has prolonged the feeling of confinement and quite frankly, I am going snaky!!!! I only hope that the sunshine decides to hang out on my vacation.

However, when I do manage to venture out, I make sure I don my waterwings before I go anywere.

Being cooped up isn't complete horrible. It has motivated me to get some scrapping done. I am working on a Father's Day page for Trevor. And yes, it is Father's Day and I am not done, but Trevor is working. By the time he gets home, it will be done. But no fretting here by Trevor. He got his Dewalt cordless drill that he was hounding me for.

Yes, he has hounded for that thing for quite a while. And then I saw the Dewalt tools on sale at Rona and figured that it meant that it was meant to be.

And I gotta tell ya...

Trevor is out in the patch, freezing and soaking wet, working is butt off on some god forsaken oil rig. As much as he'd rather be here, sitting on the big fat lazy chair watching sports and enjoying a day that is completely devoted to him, alas he is working so that we can enjoy the luxuries that we have. That's a great father.

So, from Jake and I, we say that you are the bestest dad in the world and we love you! Come home soon so we can smother you with hugs.

Speaking of wonderfulness in my life, lately I did a project that has the most fun result. I had a brainfart to use lightswitch plates to create a mini album that highlights how lucky I am. The end result is incredible!

I love it! I spray painted the covers with black and covered it with Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter paper and tags and some Fancy Pants and American Crafts rub ons. Top it off with my favorite, a Prima flower and this is what you get.

But take a closer look at the cover. It has two shaker boxes! That is the coolest part of all. I didn't even think of that until I started creating. It just came together. Nothing like the feeling of success through experimentation.

So, to wrap this up, I may have started out today bitching and whining, but really, I am trying to make lemonade out of the lemons the weather has handed us. I certainly hope I redeemed myself.

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