Monday, September 22, 2008

So As I Was Saying....

It was such a nice relaxing weekend. Didn't do much. Hung out. Scrapped. Enjoyed the last little bit of warm weather that we have left.

There really is nothing exciting to report, so I will back up a month in time and tell you a story.

At the beginning of the month
, I told you that Jakers and I went to visit Trisha and Anam. Well, we all had a wonderful time as usual. We met Anam's sweet little Lily and the lovely Faye!

Now, the last time Jake met Faye, Anam and I took them to Tim Hortons for a doughnut and chocolate milk. Us two Moms had a chuckle at how cordial they were to each other. Here were two little 3 year olds, sitting still and having a discussion about all the things that they like. Hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

So, flash forward, they meet again. They had a ball together. They chased each other around Treasured Memories (which was quickly stopped, LOL) and then a nice, quiet lunch at Applebee's. Yes, they were very good.

So then back off to Anam's house to drop them off. Me and Jake in my car and Anam and crew in Trisha's.

I bet Jake in and get in the car. We start pulling away and Jake blurts out, "Mom, Fay is my girlfriend."

WHAT? Actually, it was pretty cute. Yep, he likes her.

So, I took a few pictures of the two of them and did a little page. Anam also did a page and you can see it right here.

Love it. What a cute memory for us Moms. AWWWWW!

So cute, I tells ya!




Just fantastic work, I love it!

~ Gabriela ~

Linda said...

wow, this is gorgeous. I saw Anams...what a cute and wonderful memory for you two.