Monday, September 8, 2008

My Baby Is No Longer A Baby.

Excuse me while I weep a little. Yes, I am having a little pity party for one.
Ok, not really, but I believe a little piece of my Mommy heart is broken, but at the same time, I am happy.

Is that really possible? And why?

Well, today was the first "official" day of school for the little Jakester. He started pre-kindergarten. This is not playschool, but actual school. My baby is no longer a baby, and frankly, I think it happened too fast.

On Friday, I went with him to get him settled into his new classroom. He was so excited and confident to be there. Which was cool, but as I watched him, I couldn't help but have a little tear swell up in the corner of my eye. ..........sniff, sniff.

And like I said, he was confident. I had to laugh when all the kids sat on the meeting rug and the teacher went over the date. The teacher asked the class what month it was and there was Jake raising his hand saying, "I know! I know!"

So the teacher called on Jacob. So, he sat and thought about it for a second. Then he turned to me (I was sitting about ten feet away), cupped his hand by his mouth and in a not so quiet whisper asked me, "Mom! What month is it?"

Ahh, my confident little goofus.

So yes, it was good and Jake took to school like a fish takes to water. The only thing that he doesn't like is that he only gets to play on the playground for fifteen minutes. That darn recess just ain't long enough!

So in memorium (you know I am being a drama queen about this, I am gonna milk a little bit of sorrow out of this) I got greaat pictures of his first day and did a page. I kid you about the sorrow, I am really proud of him, but not the page.

Bright and primary colors! There were so many colors going on in that classroom that I happy to have the bright new Prima Summer Releases on hand. They are perfect for busy school shots.
I used the background using the Little Guy (yellow) and the Spaceboy line (green).

I know you can't really tell in the picture, but the detail of the Spaceboy line is shiny foil! How cool is that.

I also mixed it up with a new Prima transpareny and used a pinch of the Dude line too.

So, I am sure that there may be one day when I join mother's everywhere in the anticipated countdown to school, but this year I'll just reflect in a bittersweet milestone.


Suzanne Webb said...

Love your layout, the bright primary colors are just right, now I need to get that Prima for my store :) Have a great day!

Susan Beth said...

Love that layout! Growing kids is full of bitter sweet, but that makes for a rich and full life - kind of like how bitter sweet chocolate makes for incredible brownies or fudge!

Jennifer R said...

Wow, you don't waste any time!!LOL Love your layout and so glad for you that your boy loves school so much! You'll just have to volunteer in his class just to get more photo's!! Have a great week!
Jennifer, calgary

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Glad Jake had fun his first day! We all go through the emotional thing when our babies reach this huge milestone! But trust me... you will be jumping for joy when back to school time hits in the next few years! I am sure he will do GREAT!

I gave you and "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award:) Check out my blog for the deets!

C ya on Friday:)

Jules said...

Uber cute! Can't wait for that stuff to come in. Now that AMC is here, I am going to have to pout over Prima not being here yet! Ha. Hope to see you soon dear! Good luck with your PD Class at the crop!