Sunday, September 28, 2008

Building with Clear, Build A Book Style!

Did you know that Prima has a great Build A Book Contest going on? All the details right *here*.

So, you never done a clear album before? Doesn't matter, give it a try!
But where do you start?

Well, clear albums are like a big puzzle with layer showing through layer. But you don't have to go to town and do all clear. Break it down a little bit. Mix it solid pages. I did one that employs this very method.

Let's break down what I did to complete an my album.

Here's the cover. I love mixing both solid and clear elements. For the paper I used the Dude Collection. I'll tell you two different thing I like to remember about patterned paper.
First, for clear, double sided paper is a bonus. Because you can see through the other side, the 2nd side save you from having to find elements to cover up a bunch of white. Think of it, the less planning you have to do for both sides, the easier you are gonna make it for yourself. You save product and time.

Since we are all about clear, I like to make sure that I use clear to the upteenth degree. For a different look to your photos, I printed one in black and white on an inkjet transparency and applied it to a clear page. For the best effect, make sure it lays against a subtle pattern. This yields the best detail from these photos.

And don't forget to stagger your page sizes either. Laying a shorter page over a full width page makes for a "teaser" of sorts to what lies underneath!

Don't worry about every little detail shows through pages. Use the pages as partially revealing. Remember, you will turn the page and all will be revealed.

Like I say, start simple.

Using all clear pages can seem extremely daunting because you feel like you have to be more aware of what is going to show up on all layers. So, break it up a bit. With my book, I didn't want the extra complexity so I decided to use one clear page as an embellishment overlay of sorts on a solid page. This allows me to plan what is going to show underneath one page, not all of them.

And this is also a nice balance to allow you to create a clear element page that can iclude journaling. All clear albums do make this more dificult so, mixing it up is a great alternative to do so.

Use a clear page just like a frame of the next otherwise known as a vignette. With a clear page, I was able to add a title over my picture, but once I turned the page, the complete detail of the picture was revealed.

There is always much complaint that embellishment covers up important picture details and this is a definite solution to this debate. I know sometimes I am guilty of placing decoration over detail, so this element made me really happy to solve and share.

And don't forget to pull out your stamps and a solvent based in like Staz On by Tsukineiko. Notice how I used the Bold O Lay stamps as a frame around my picture on the Build A Book Page?
So, how do I hide the adhesive?

I use several adhesives to and employ a few different methods. But I will give you a hint for my favorite.

I love Glue Dots. They stick, they are easy to place and they are not messy. I use these for attaching transparencies. Iwill use mini dots and cut them into quarters. You still have th same amount of stick but less surface area.

I also like to place them strategically. I try to add them under opaque elements or I use them in areas that are busy. If I must put them in plain sight, I try to place them in a "busy" area so that they are "camoflaged". If you look close you'll see the adhesive, but the detail does not make it obvious.

I hope these pointers get you on your way to making a Build A Book of your very own. Go at it. Enter the Prima contest. Enjoy making your project. They are fun to do.

And if you need another little boost of inspiration, make sure you check out some other websites.
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Lisa Guidry said...

Cute album, great job!

renee said...

Great album. Love your pointers.

Aline said...

What a great book, love the colors you used!!

nutka1911 said...

This is beautiful job! This color, elemets, papers... Wonderful!

Oscar T. Grouch said...

very nice, thanks for the tips

the pretty committee said...

WOW!! Love that album ... especially all the bright, bold colors. Great job.

FlipFlop Mom said...

It's BEAUTIFUL... you did a GREAT job!!

stacey lee said...

Great job Janine! Love the step by step as well!

Ki said...

You are just incredible with the mini books! Wish I was! I'll just keep coming to look at yours!

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

what a great book and practically a course all in your post. Terrific. I'll be sending people your way of they need tips on acrylic albums!