Friday, February 8, 2008

Need Good Thoughts for a Friend.

A little bit of a sad note but I ask that you pass on prayers and good vibes.

I found out that a friend of mine from work had a brain anurysm (sp?) on Tuesday. Thank goodness she is doing OK and is now alert, but she is still going through tests and many things are fairly uncertain.

My friend has been close to my family since we have moved to Alberta. She was one of the first to reach out to my family and feel welcome here. She has been my son's adoptive "Grantie" (grandma/aunt). Her and her family have found a fondness for Jacob and the feeling from Jake is mutual.

Her and her family have been a blessing to our family and I am hoping she will overcome. My blessing right now is that she is still here.

Thank you.


Patter Cross said...

Oh goodness, I pray she continues to heal! So very scary! Blessings,

scrapperjen said...

Oh my goodness! Sending prayers!

Carole said...

My thoughts and prayers are with both your family and your friend and her family. May God's blessing be on all of you and may He grant her a speedy and full recovery.

Dallas said...

Oh my, that's so scarry! I'm sending prayers and well wishes to both your families. I hope she has a speedy recovery. *hugs*

Laura Davis said...

I will defiantly send some good vibes to your friend! I hope she is o.k.I love your blog & your work is stunning:)

FlipFlop Mom said...

I'm so sorry... I'm sending prayers... all around!!