Monday, February 18, 2008

My fingers feel so heavy......

....and I still feel this great need to blog. Today started out at 4am. Feeling not completely up to snuff last night. Nothing serious, but enough to get me awake that early. And if you know me, I NEVER wake up that early. And that was completely alright. I relished the complete and utter silence with some internet surfing and a bowl of cereal. Ahhh, it was sweet.

The day has continued on. Nothing completely earth shatteringly exciting, but a busy day none the less enjoying our statutory holiday in Alberta, known as Family Day! Love this holiday because it seems to be that extra little day off in the middle of the hum drum winter months that are savored completely but gives you that little bit of refreshment.

So, yes back to my day. First of all, completely thrilled that my husband is home after a long stint out in the oil patch. He flew home from Saskatchewan last night and just in time to enjoy the beautiful weather and the festivities out on the lake.

Before we left, we chipped the thick ice that has accumulated on the driveway and as a result, my arms and fingers feel like dead weight! But then off we went to spend some time ice fishing of course!

It was so busy on the lake today too. But I had to hightail it a little early as I didn't wear the proper footwear. My feet ended up soaked and cold! So, I left the boys to hang out together, which was good, as it was easy to tell that they missed each other.

I didn't get any shots today, but here are a few from one of our other fishing excursions.

Jake is completely enjoying the snow and running around in the wide open space.

Trevor the ever patient fisherman. We usually forgo our shack and fish outside when the weather is nice. And I love fishing in Sylvan because it is so easy to see down the hole. It can make it so much more exciting when you can see the fish swim around and check out your hook!

Jake is getting a lot braver when it comes to the floppy fishes! At first, I think he was completely shocked how much a freshly caught fish jumps around straight out of the hole. I swear he figured they were trying to attack. Well, now he has absolutely no fear and thinks it is a game to handle them as they wriggle. Which in some ways doesn't excite me because he ends up smelling like a fish. Uck!

And moving on......
Loved the silence this morning so much, I dug into making another page with more fabulous Prima Hybrid products. The one I did features papers and elements with About A Boy by Vera Lim and A Better Me by Weeds & Wildflowers.

Prima Hybrid Products
(background and green solid) About A Boy by Vera Lim, (checkers and red pattern) A Better Me by Weeds & Wildflowers

(doodle frame, large circle and star) About A Boy and (glitter swirls) A Little Magic Vol. 3 by Vera Lim, (title and doodled flower swirl) A Better Me and (inked edges) Vintage Garden by Weeds & Wildflowers, Hot Off the Press Flames by Trish Jones, (Dymos) Rad Refresh by Kim Christensen
Other Products:
Brush: Rising Sun by Blazter Javier Zxh (
Fonts: Pulse sans virgin (, Times New Roman
Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop CS

I have been wanting to do something completely doodly and fun for a while now and these really were the perfect kits to do the job!

Ok, now I really got to stop typing, I can barely lift my arms!


Stacy said...

hey chicka that lo is gorgeous you will have to show me how to that!!! ise fishing my son would love that!! may have to give it a shot its been awhile lol!!

Aline said...

The layout is so gorgeous!! And the photos too, looks like you had a great time!
Hope you feel better soon. :))

Cari said...

Sounds like you had a great day - even your totsies got a bit numb!
Fabulous layout too!

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Cool layout! Sorry you got a bit chilled but it was a great excuse for a bit of solitude and to let Trevor and Jake have some good daddy/son bonding time! Glad you were able to enjoy a bit of time on the lake... it was a gorgeous winter day (one of few!!!lol!

Miss ya! I am feeling a scrap date soon, kay?!