Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Miss Lonely Valentine: The Oilfield Widow Syndrome

Alright , I admit, the title sounds a little depressing. It really isn't. Yes, I completely admit that I will be alone for Valentine's Day. Again. But when I first started dating my husband, I was warned from the get-go that being the wife /girlfriend of a man that works on the rigs meant missed special occasions and immediate changes in plans, not to mention a lot of complete and utter lack of being able to plan. The last one can tend to drive me completely crazy, particularly when I have something that I really am looking forward to and completely requires a fair amount of preparation.

Drives me completely bonkers somedays.

So, yes, alone. I got a phone call this afternoon telling me that they are going to send Trevor back to Saskatchewan. Makes me wonder if we really should have moved back after all. Ok, no it doesn't. I am happy right here in Alberta. Yesiree bob.

So, evenings have been quiet and I am plugging away at some projects that need to be done. A few classes, some emails and paperwork and a leg up on some photo preparation.

One of the things I completed is one of my classes for Scrapbook Your Heart Retreat at Camp Caroline in May.
I can't give you the big reveal, but I will give you an itty bitty, teeny weenie sneek.

So how's that for an idea? Fun and bright and happy. That is what I am going for.

So, moving on....

Before I go, I want to thank the well wishes, good thoughts and prayers for my friend. I spoke to her the other day, and she is doing well considering the circumstances. There is a lot that is not known yet, still lots of tests to find results. But I am happy to report that she is still the same gal that always feels the need to keep moving forward and thinking about life going on and back to normal, which to me is a comforting sign.

Again, thank you ladies.

And with that, I gotta get back to work! See you later.


Anonymous said...

sending hugs for you and speedy recovery vibes for your friend.

Carole said...

Glad to hear your friend is doing well considering the circumstances. I continue with sending huges, thoughts and prayers for you, your friend and her family.

FlipFlop Mom said...

I'm sorry that you're not celebrating Valentines Day.. I'm not either.. my hubby has always worked nights... so we have decided that we just wouldn't celebrate!!!

Sending hugs still for your friend!!

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

glad to hear our friend is doing okay. Hope all goes well for her.

I am also a V-Day widow. Hubby's out with another woman, none the less!! (He's in the RCMP and he's training a new recruit) We're likely spending our Valentines the same way, alone and scrappin! Cheers to that!

scrappaleica said...

Janine, girly forget the date, as it is only a date, instead make your own Valentine's when he returns. I also was the lonely widow for years! And the best part is totally surprise him! don't even let on what you are doing and you won't regret it. Jim even did this to me! sneaky boy. but totally arrange for a sitter overnight, whisk him away to a romantic room, have chocolate strawberries, wine, the works and just enjoy each other.(I'm thinking a little trip to a cute underwear store also should be on the checklist)and just have fun, even if it is watching movies in a hotel room. LOL.or other stuff. but he'll leave town the next time thinking of it. I promise you that!