Friday, February 15, 2008

Do Dentists Hibernate?

Ouch! My teeth are so hurting right now! I have no idea what happened there, but holay! Pain! Annoyance. Ibuprophen!
I need a dentist and not a dentist to be found, or they couldn't fit me in. And on the long weekend to boot. I started out in Sylvan and both dental offices were closed and Red Deer was booked up. Dude, it so sucks!

I guess I just take ibuprophen and suck it up. Well, I can whine a little too, I guess.

Ahhh, but aside from that, I have been playing this evening. Doing a little bit of playing around for the heck of it. Just decided I wanted to make a project and came up with this cute little shadowbox for my scraproom in progress.

Prima Products:
Paintables #602277
Essentials 3 Flowers Rue 88 #517267
Black Tie Collection #518219
Elysee Ribbons #519506
Build A Frame Stamps #517724
Other Materials:
Canvas – Canvas Concepts
Chipboard Letters and Jewel Circles – Heidi Swapp
Tranparent Overlay – Hambly Screen Prints
Wire: Westrim Crafts
Watercolor Pencils – Start
Twinkling H2Os – USArtquest
Metallic Foils – Stix2
Shadowbox - Ikea

I don't know what it is, but I lately I am all about bright and fun. I knew I wanted to play with a canvas too. The only thing is, that I am not always fond of making a canvas or wall hanging and just plain old hanging it. I really want to have a sleek clean lined scraproom, so my decor is no exception! That is why I went for the shadowbox. No matter how lumpy and bumpy those projects are, ther always seem to look so much better when they are framed.

And with that I am pooped! I am hoping that I get a good night sleep tonight and not wake up in pain! AAACK!


Cari said...

Janine, I'm sorry you're in pain girl but your framed canvas looks awesome!

Trisha Ladouceur said...

awwwwwwwwwwww... that sucks that your didn't have any luck finding a dentist! Take lots of advil!!!

The shadowbox rocks though!

Aline said...

Janine, it looks great!
And I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

Dallas said...

OH I hear ya about the dentist! I've been fighting some pains too lately and it's impossible to get in around here!!
I LOVE the shadow box too! looks great! Hope your pain goes away soon :)