Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Little High, A Little Low and throw some boating in there for good measure

Well, with every bit of disappointment, comes a little good news. I am just not sure which to mention first. I am supposing my bad news, because you just get it out of the way and it is over. Like ripping off a bandaid.

So a while back, I had told you I had something cool to do for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and I couldn't spill. Well, small diappointment. I got invited to do the cover for the fall issue along with other artists and alas......sigh......it wasn't picked. But I'll get over it. Lots more opportunity awaits. And let me tell you, that cover and the two takes are gorgeous! I was up against some competition! I'll get there. The opportunity is open, I'll get more chances...hopefully!

So now for the good stuff.......

I saw it FINALLY! I am so pumped to see my page in the October issue of Creating Keepsakes! So very cool. Been trying to get in there for a while and it finally happened! Hope that keeps up.

And so yesterday I took a little scrapping break. Since summer is coming to a close and I will miss the summer activities it brings, the family, along with our neighbours Scott and Amanda, went for a boat ride. That may be the last chance we get, so we had to take advantage of it while we could.

But now I got to go. Gotta head to work and send my baby off to his first day of playschool! How exciting! My little man is growing up WAY TOO FAST!

Thanks for reading! Take care.

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Stacy said...

see i told i read it lol!! now i will comment and thanks for the info on the brushes and stuff will let you know how it works out !!!!