Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scrapfest Part deux!

I am back and I am so not done. All these women have great things going on and I hope that telling you about them helps you discover something new and wonderful!

So last night I left off talking about Stacy and there are a few more ladies that I need to mention.

Although us girls were furiously working the booth for Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids, we did have a chance to look around and spend a few bucks here and there. I sure had to restrain myself though!

Our booth was situated right across the lovely Janice and her store called Paper Valise. Her store is filled with authentic and reproduced vintage embellishments, books etc. and all of it is in BRAND NEW QUALITY. I was utterly amazed. The stuff is perfect for heritage pages. Seriously, don't walk but run to her store.

Another girl with a great store is Chantal at Treasured Memories. Let me tell you, this girl bought the store about 4 months ago and turned it into a sleek, well organized, inviting and inviting store. And it has a wide selection for everyone! Her booth was so cool! And that Chantal, she has done this at the young age of 21! That is impressive. A tiny pretty little thing that gal and she is out to be a sucess! I know she'll get there too.

Next time you are in Edmonton, check out her store. It is compulsory as sanctioned by me and many others. When you do make it in there, tell her I sent you!

Last but not least there was the neatest store. The whole thing was inside the Mayfield convention centre! Yep. A big green truck called Memories in Motion Scrapbooking. The whole store is in that thing! You give her a call and she'll come out to you!

And I believe I covered the main highlights.


I'll post some Scrapfest photos tomorrow. Stay tuned!

And again, don't forget to check out Leica Forrest's blog all week for more Scrapfest goodness.

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Stacy said...

AAwww!!! thanks we definately need to get together for a scraptime soon!!! since we are so close to !!