Monday, September 10, 2007

Scrapfest, Oh my!!!!

Whew! Now I can breathe. What a jam-packed weekend at Scrapfest Edmonton ! First of all a special thanks to the owners Lisa and Debbie for doing such a great job.

So now where do I start?

First thing first. I met some awsome ladies there and got to hang out with many of my scrap friends.

I suppose I'll give you a rundown of events. I may go everywhere, but at least I'll know I am not missing anyone! I am just so excited to interact all these wonderful Canadian ladies.

My Friday morning arrival brought me face to face with an online friend and overall great scrapper, Roxanne Jegodtka. We met on Two Peas In a Bucket about two years ago. She is a sweet girl and so much talent! Seriously, go click on her name, you'll see what I am saying!

The Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids booth yielded the usual suspects of course, Anam, Jessi and Trish. Work or play, I love hanging with those girls! We were all working the booth, teaching and TA'ing classes doing cool keychain and magnet make n' takes with great products:
* 3" clear circles Picture It Pageframes
* Cool little Tooth Fairy stamps from Tin Box Creations And note folks, if you purchase this stamp set, all proceeds go to Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids!
* Souffle and Glaze pens by Sakura
* Self adhesive magnets from Stix 2

Speaking of Stix2, I got to meet the owner Allesandra (I hope I am spelling that right, I don't have her name readily available) and she is a charming lady. I really liked her from the get go. She has some great products that I love working with. Her adhesive is incredible and her foil transfers are something that I am completly loving! Her stuff is available at many Edmonton scrapbook stores, so do check it out!

I was thrilled to meet and very briefly talk to the fabulous Vicki Boutin and the sweet Kah-Mei Smith, owner of Fontwerks. I would have loved to really get a chance to converse with to these two ladies a little more, but time didn't allow it. Hopefully, we'll cross paths again another time.

I got to speak for a good long while with Catherine and Kerry from Scrapbook & Cards Today. Let me tell you, these girls are making a great magazine with gorgous artwork and some really great articles from top designers in the industry. I got my hands on the latest issue and they have truly come a long way! If you haven't looked at this magazine, I suggest you rush to your LSS and get a copy for yourself. It get a free copy with every $30 purchase of scrapbook supplies. If they don't have it, ask for it or you can go online and read it there! You won't be sorry, and who doesn't like a free gift with purchase. Those crazy enablers!

Another couple of ladies that I cannot forget is the ladies from Crop and Cruise (scrapping, the Mexican Riviera what could be better? Not much they sold out and are planning the next one!), Allison Orthner and Leica Forrest. These two ladies are a complete and utter riot! So full of spunk and a great sense of humor. Love them and looking forward to seeing them in October! I doubt Edmonton will be the same after that.

And be sure to check out Leica's blog all this week. She is featuring pictures from Scrapfest everyday! She'll have some pic of me on Wednesday *wink wink!* hee hee. I think I know what picture she's gonna whip out too, LOL!

Oh my, I met lots of gals! But I'll give you a rest from my babbles until tomorrow, except for one person. Last thing I promise it will be worth it.

Stacy! I met her during the Friday night crop. She is from Red Deer and such a nice girl. We were chtting away and we exchange names. She's like, "Oh yeah, I read your blog!"
Really? You do?

We'll let's get this straight. Not to diss myself completely, but I never thought that my blog was interesting enough to have someone reading it on a regular basis. Not that I'm boring, and aside from my friends who read up (who I do appreciate completely, you know who you are), but out of the many scrapbooking blogs out there, someone that doesn't even know me, decided to choose to read mine regularly. Which is completely flattering to know. That made me have the warm fuzzies!

So to all of you that are reading and lurking quietly and Stacy for identifying herself as a lurker, thank you very much for reading. Seriously. It's really cool of you.

Ok. I'll have Part 2 tomorrow. I'll talk about some more interesting ladies and my Scfapfest kit projects.

So tired. Must sleep.


Sherri said...

Wow Wow Wow and I say it again Janine, wow thanks for all the great links and such an inspiring write up of the people and highlights of Scrapfest ~ Thanks so much! Hope to see you on the 21st at Urban? chat with you soon!

Anam_Kihaku said...

that is such a fabby write up :)