Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'll just open the fridge door and hang out here...

Hot, sticky and lazy. That has been a great way to describe the weekend. It has been in the mid-30's here in Sylvan Lake and we have been finding numerous ways to beat the heat. Friday evening right after work, the family set sail in our boat and went for a swim in the lake. The water definitely is an initial shock of cold, but one finds that you become easily climatized and it becomes extremely refreshing. Trevor and I were hoping to head out once or twice more this weekend, but summer makes the boat launch a little too insane!

So how else did we beat the heat?

#1 - The Kiddie Pool
Jake is at the age where a kiddie pool is good fun. Jumping splashing and playing with toys. Jake wanting me to play with him was a great excuse to jump in there and cool off.

#2 - The Sprinkler
Watering the lawn was only a thinly veiled excuse. All three of us took turns running through. I am sure we looked like sopping wet dorks to the neighbours perched upon their decks, but at least we felt cool.

#3 - Air Conditioning
When we built our house here in Sylvan, it was the one thing that we insisted on getting. Not many houses have it around here, but we did. You see, when we planned this house, I was pregnant and was always overheated. Second and more importantly, when both Trevor and I moved out of our parent's houses, they promptly turned around and installed air conditioning. Could either of them got it when we lived there? God only knows that we fried every summer. So, somehow, after that, it became some twisted way to get back at them. You want to do that? Fine, we'll just get one too!

Thank goodness for weird family psychology.

This weekend was definitely not without scrapping. First on the agenda was finishing up an assignment for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine . Can't quite tell you what because it is a shot and not quite a fer' sure thing. Just cross your fingers for me and I'll definitely be able to spill it in the fall.

And I am sure that you are asking, can I be anymore vague? I suppose I can't, LOL!

But I did make a page to share with everyone. Over my holidays, I started this page and put it away to be finished later. Sunday was such a lazy day that I pulled it back out and finished it up. I am absolutely loving the funky wild trendy graphics used in advertising. I was inspired by the graphics found in mens beachwear this season. Enjoy!

Materials list:

Photo Editing software: Adobe CS2
Digital Paper: Shabby Blues by Michelle Coleman (, Color My World by Rhonna Farrar (
File Tab: Spa Holiday by Correen Silke (
Journal Spot: Cinnamon by Jenn Reed (
Swirl Frame: Festival by Shabby Princess Designs (
Paper Tear: by Traci Sims (
Messy Stitching: by Vendula Sediva aka Natali (
Brushes: Worn and Tasty Tattoo by Jason Gaylor ( Swirly Flourishes by Hawksmont (, label brushes by synthexstock (
Fonts: Rockwell and Arial (MS Word), Metacopy, Downcome, Middle Saxony Text (

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Anam_Kihaku said...

love that alyout and you know i'm rooting for you allt he way with CBM :)