Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crazy Summer Listening

I caved. About two weeks ago, I bought an RCA Pearl mp3 player. I resisted for the longest time and quite honestly, I can't believe that I bought one sooner. I have no idea why exactly that is because my portable CD player was so cumbersome and tempermental. Not to mention the constant changing and carrying my collection of CDs. But with my Pearl, I can be picky and choosy with songs and easy to load. It fits in my pocket and I wouldn't even know it was there. Pure heaven!

So you must ask, what is on my playlist. Quite a bit of everything, but lately I have really been digging Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Both youthful with raw lyrics of love lost and careless times. It brings me back to a time before a child that I experienced angst and a path to find out exactly who I am.

And yes, the lyrics, especially Amy's is well, raunchy. I never quite realized it until I started reading the CD insert. But quite honestly, aside from that, I think the music supercedes it. It really is good stuff. I do suggest you check it out. It might be your cup of tea.

So what esle is on there? Well, here is a page to tell you.

Materials Used
Photo editing software: Adobe Photoshop
Paper: Citrus Sea by Kim Crothers ( )
Crumpled Paper Circles and stapled label: Trevor by Victoria Feemster ( )
Rusted Clip and Brads: Festive by Shabby Princess ( )
Funny Stiches: by Vendula Sediva aka Natali ( )
Felt Stitched Alpha by Angela Neihaus ( )
Fonts: Harting ad Downcome (

And I'll leave you with a card I did last night for a CHA in Spirit challenge hosted by a pea named Kathy Romack at Two Peas In A Bucket.

Cardstock:Bazzill Patterned Paper: My Mind's Eye - Tres Jolie, Junkitz Transparent Overlay: K & Company Rub On: Urban Lily Chipboard Flower and Flower Jewel: Heidi Swapp Brad and Glitter: Making Memories Other: Embroidery Thread

Thanks for looking!


Anam_Kihaku said...

hehehe both of those i have and the lyrics arent that raunchy once you knwo the uk context - you should know how i 'talk' so most of it isnt that bad in context, just most usa/canadians dont normally here that sort of 'talk' in the open :)

mum on the run said...

Hi, found you via the facebook group. Love your blog!!

This layout is great, we share many similar tastes in music :)

Cute card too!!

Stacy said...

gorgeous stuff thanks for sharing your link will be back to check out more often !!