Thursday, July 19, 2007

A little inspiration for scrappers and non-scrappers alike.

Lately I have been slacking on my blog reading. I know, I know friends. I am sorry. I am working on getting better at it.

I like to peruse blogs every once and a while and see what everyone is up to. Where they have been what they are working on, and maybe find myself a little inspiration from those I admire.

So, I went cruising over to my friend Anam's blog and when I got there, of course I did a little nosing through her gallery because it's quite pretty, LOL! But I also remembered that Anam had started a spinoff of the sketch challenge blog Pencil Lines, called Altered Pencil Lines. It has a *very* cool concept. Let me explain:

So of course you know that there are many of us scrappers that love to follow sketches for our pages. Kinda like a page map, right? Well, this is the twist; Altered Pencil Lines takes these very same sketches and applies them as inspiration for creating art. Amazing. The thought of taking something 2 dimensional and creating it into a 3D piece of artwork is very cool, not to mention that it would be quite the challenge.

And that art. Blows me away.Those gals are designing are extremely talented. Wow. Makes me want to just go create. That is if I weren't so darn tired right now!

And as for me, I am busy creating. I do have new camping pictures from holidays that I want to get in books. I especially wanted to scrap a page about our friend's wedding. And lately, I received the Blanc Noir digital CD by Tinkering Ink and I couldn't wait to use it in my digital designs.

Psst! Lean in, I have to tell you.........
Quite honestly, I think that they are rather clever. They are the only company I know if that has both paper an digital! There are so many paper companies that I love to use and now that I am digi scrapping more and more, I am finding myself disappointed that they don't branch out into the digi market so that I can enjoy their work on my computer too!

And thanks to Tinkering Ink , I used their designs in this page for friends:

Materials Used
Photo Editing software: Adobe Photoshop
Paper: cream grid and green - Retro by Michelle Coleman ( ), Blanc Noir - Harlow and Dietrich by Tinkering Ink (
Tag and monogram: Blanc Noir by Tinkering Ink (
Messy Stitching: by Vendula Sediva aka Natali ( )
Glitter Spatters: by Scrappy Pony ( )
Fonts: Porcelin, Harting and Exotica (

I love the results!

That be my life in a nutshell. Don't forget to go check out Anam's blog, she has lots of cool stuff going on. See ya!


Samm said...

What a pretty LO!!!


Anam_Kihaku said...

you are sweet.

dont forget to upload yoru TI stuff at the TI forum/gallery - you never know :)

yeah i think they were very smart to make ti digital too - you pay the same as for 1 set of their papers but they made it assesable which is what count - no brealking the copyright laws to have your favurite paper s:)