Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Can't Navigate My Way Out of a Paper Bag.....and BIGI News!!!!

No truer words have been spoken. Seriously. Edmonton confuses the heck out of me and quite honestly, I have no idea why.

Went there on Saturday to help Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids coordinator Trisha and friend Jessi kit Jessi's classes, which I will add are positively fabulous and a must do!

Anyhow...back on topic folks.

Jessi was planning on having hubby drive here, but never fear, good ol' Janine, she'll do it, no problemo. So get into the city, first stop: pick up Anam. Thought I knew how to get there. Yeah, not quite. After that I got royally lost on the way to Trisha's house. Poor Jessi. Stuck in a car with hopelessly lost me!

Photo editing software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Patterened Paper: Red stripes - Poppy by Tracey Collins (, White paper - Reverie by Weeds & Wildflowers (, green with dots - Boy Zone by Jeannette Gaidecki (
Cardboard: Out of A Box by Kate Pertiet (
Paper Tear by Traci Sims (
Messy Stitching: by Vendula Sediva aka Natali (
Notebook paper: Curled Journal Spots2 by Kate Pertiet (
Twill Tag by Amy Martin
Paper crown: A Different Sort of Fantacy by Fantacy Bryant (
Flower Border: Color Your World by Rhonna Farrar (
Staples: Cinnamon Element Pack by Jenn Reed (
Cityscape brush by Hawksmont by (
Photo action: Retro Vintage (
Fonts: Rough Draft, Harting, Everyday Ghost (, Onyx (MS Word)

But a trip to Edmonton means a trip to Treasured Memories. That is fast becoming my favorite store. She has EVERYTHING! It is a beautiful store. Bright, well organized, beautifully designed not cluttered and gorgeous sample projects. And she has Hambly!!!!!!!!!! Hard to find up here in Canada, but she's got it and I love it.

Also, I got some great news!!!! You know a few entries ago, I decided to enter's Bigi Digi Contest and I won runner up. While was on holidays I managed to sneek in one more entry and that is what did it! So excited and such an honor! Pumped!

I have to admit since setting up My Place there, I have found it a cool place to be. Great gallery and very nice ladies with awesome talent. I always leave there with some inspiration! If you get a chance, I tell ya', go sign up and join in!

Toot-a-loo for now!

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Ki said...

Hey girl, call me next time you come to town okay? Just popping in to say hello and let you know I am still around! Just taking a break from most things scrapbooking for the summer. I get a week off at the end of this month, maybe a trip to Sylvan may be in order?? Are you going to be around? new email address: Let me know!