Saturday, August 18, 2007

To share with all of you!

Thought I'd share some roses with everyone! Thursday was friendship day and my friend Corine gave me these beautiful roses. I love the bright orange color and they opened up beautifully!
Shout out to her, she is the sweetest gal. Love her tons and so does my son!
Now off to the Red Deer farmers market to wander and buy Jake some mini doughnuts, our ritual.


Sherri said...

Lovely picture Janine ~ those roses are beautiful.

And like your farmer's market ritual ~ made me hungry haha, so close to lunch I guess haha

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday at the Urban!

Anonymous said...

hey fun fun on glad you came.....this is gonna be one awesome cj experience!

WendyG said...

gorgeous janine!! just hopped over here from 2peas...or tried your siggy link over there girl....LMAO!!!!!