Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Primadonna Classes while Helping Out a Great Cause!

Hey everybody! I am so excited, I can finally shout it from the rooftop, I have some new Upcoming Primadonna classes coming up.
I am happy to announce my participation with the Okotoks Scrapbook Convention on Saturday March 14, 2009 at the Foothills Centennial Centre from 10 am to 11 pm. Prepare for a full day of cropping!
Proceeds for this event are going to Rowan House Women's Emergency Shelter. It is an excellent cause and an important organization. There are many women and children here in Alberta that have been forced to leave their homes and have no where else to turn. So, please come out and show your support.  

So, I am thrilled to be participating in this event with participating with  a couple of Primadonna classes. 


Class price is $20 (materials subject to change based on availability)

Class price $25 (materials subject to change based on availability)

Sign up and come have some fun and support a great cause. Registration starts on January 12th. 


Coralee Perry said...

Hey Janine Bean thanks for the comment! Where is Okotoks and is this open to the public? Will you be teaching close by again? Talk soon! Still waiting for that resolution. lol jk ;)

Dale Anne Potter said...

Can't be to the lovely town of Okotoks (its probably a city now)but I'm wondering if you can sell the kits to those of us who would like to support but are not close.

Suz said...

What a beautiful mini - wish I lived near by to take the class

A Modern Proposal Event Planning said...

Hey Janine.

Christmas - was good, busy but good. How about you?

I have been so busy trying to get a modern proposal runing that I haven't really done much else. Sad. I go home and sit on the computer either looking at wedding pictures or trying to advertise. My poor husband - hahaha

Ki said...

I'm sure your classes will fill up super fast! The sneaks look great!