Sunday, August 17, 2008

The War of the Duelling Canons.....

My husband and I are at war.

It is competitive and it is extremely territorial. We are pulling out the Canons and I tell you it ain't pretty. Or maybe it is. At least the our pictures, anyways.

Trevor and I have been in a battle of picture. When we entered the world of digital cameras back in 2004, my husband brought home a nice, handy point and shoot Sony that served our purposes quite nicely. However, as I became consumed in scrapbooking, we found that I was taking over that camera and felt it was time for a sweet little upgrade.

We needed bigger. Better. So off I went and opted for a nice Canon A640.

Perfect! 10 megapixels, 4x Optimal Zoom and a schwack of options to play with.

It has great settings and did pretty much everything I wanted to do. It is a great camera to get started when playing with different settings. But again, considering the whole "scrapbooking focuses on pictures" thing, here I go hogging the thing. My only beefs were shutter lag time and a lot of settings required that you stand like some ridiculous mannequin to avoid blurring. It did get some great shots with it.

This camera hogging, of course, frustrates poor Trevor. You have to understand that all his life, he has been a little shutterbug. I came to this conclusion looking through his mother's picture stash, where a large majority were taken by him. His particular interest is landscapes and wildlife with a peppering of familiar family faces.

And he truly believes I am just a "point and shoot" kinda gal that purchased too much camera for her "knowledge".

So, with all that said, if you consider that I have marked the family camera as *my* territory, you can imagine this poor guy frothing at the mouth to try and steal it away from me, which wasn't happening. Considering his job, he ain't taking it away from me for extended periods of time.

Keeping in mind that he loves pictures and has a mean streak of not being outdone, he saved up his spare change for a darn long time and non-chalantly came home with this. Just to re-establish his role as the one who wears the picture taking pants in the family. And let it be known that he has proclaimed it as "his toy" and now his pet project to get the most of this specimen.

Let my envy begin. He knew it too.
You know, I simply cannot have that level of smugness oozing out of him.

In the spirit of this war, I pulled out a weakening blow. Camera knowledge. Oh yes, Sweetheart! Right now, I know more about this camera than you do. Ha! Take that!

So now, this only motivated him more. His shots have been A.MAZ.ING. But just to throw in another jab, I have fun flaunting my Photoshop knowledge by tweaking the photos.

So where does this leave me? I was in a tough spot. To be honest, the Rebel is too much camera for what I need. I just want good pictures for projects. My good ol' A640 had served me well, but I was thirsty for more.

And so, alas I am ashamed to admit, I upgraded.

Don't judge. It was on sale. If I am going to lose the arsenal race, I sure as heck am going to go down with Canons ablazing.

12x Optical Zoom, Image Stabilization (the clincher) and again a schwack of settings to choke Ansel Adams. Ok, not, but close.

And no we haven't shelved the A640. In fact, we passed on the enthusiasm and gave it to good friends with a new baby and an awakening passion to take a million pictures. If Trevor and I can pass on the enthusiasm, the war was is a means to an end.


Ki said...

Oh that's hilarious Janine! Can't wait to see the pics you both will be taking now!

Carole said...

I have the Power Shot S3 (the older version of this camera). I love it. We went to Hungary 2 years ago and took 4100 pictures in 3 weeks plus some videos and they were great. I am sure you will love this camera. Enjoy!

Izzy said...

Love this war story... enjoy the new camera!

Jules said...

That is way too funny...we have the same problem but I really want a rebel bad........

Linda said...

that is so funny. My ex didn't have a clue about a good camera so I didn't have to worry. Me, my Rebel is my baby. Have fun with yours.

Anonymous said...

Love your story, Janine!!! Can't wait to see what you create!! My husband is scared of my Nikon SLR so I get to take the majority of the pics (hence there are very few of me).


Trisha Ladouceur said...

Girl... you need to start writing for a newspaper or something! You crack me up EVERYTIME!!!LOL! So... Trev still has not caved in and let you play, eh? Oh well! Seems to me like you kick BUTT with your lil point and shoot as your photos are always phenomenal!