Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's SHOWTIME!!!!!! The Details, the Whole Details and Nothing But the Details.

Prepare for a long post folks, but it will be worth it.....

Here we are! I made it, I made it! It was quite the journey to get here, but I made it safe and sound. I had some delays and a mad dash for customs, only to be delayed again, but it was well worth it to get here.

What a fabulous show. It has been a long two days, but not without a lot of excitement and good times.

As of this post, I am taking a rest in my hotel room, watching the airplanes fly overhead as I try to catchup with some posting and emails.

I came along with the gals and Gordon at Treasured Memories. I have to give them a HUGE THANK YOU for letting me tag along and watch them in action. They really went all out and purchased some really, really fun products for the store.

Here is one of my partners in crime, Juli Cragg. Let me tell you, that girl was hi-lar-i-ous! This was Juli's first show and she was like a kid in a candy store, and why the heck not? I think that watching her excitement really made the trip.

I think to sum her excitement up the best is to use math. Here is the formula:

Juli x American Crafts + Celine Navarro + new Coach shoes = one heckuva excited girl

And make sure you visit Juli's blog because I know she's posting a TON of product pictures.

And speaking of Celine......

I was thrilled to meet her! I hope to meet here again because that girl has got it going on! Seriously. She is one mover and shaker in the European scrapping scene. I am excited for her because she is launching her own scrapbook magazine that is available in Europe called {entreARTistes} magazine. It looks fabulous and let's face it, there is a plethora of utter talent in that part of the world so I am thinking it may be something that I need to try to be getting my mitts on.

And the make n takes. One word. Fun. When we got to do them, that is. Seriously, there was almost always a line every freaking place we went. But there were some really great projects muck around with.

See? Told you. Look at that Kelly Goree in action at the Basic Grey booth! That girl did. not. stop. I did get to briefly chat with her, which was so nice because I had not seen her since she taught at Scrapbooking Crop for Kids. However, it had to be short only difference is that she was the gal that was non-stop busy.
And watching demos! I was having a good ol' time watching some of the top names in scrapbooking and paper arts, just work their magic. I managed to catch Ali Edwards showing off some fun things to do with acrylic and alcohol inks.

I also had fun and got inspired watching:
* Tim Holtz - I swear I learn more from watching that guy for ten minutes than a whole night of mucking around myself.
* Claudine Hellmuth - that girl has a fun new product line coming out. I am seriously loving the self-adhering canvas paper and some new acrylics that are unlike anything else that I have used (I did the make n take too)
* Suze Weinberg - the woman works UTEE like nobody's business. 'Nuf said. Go click the link.

And seriously now. Like I am not gonna mention Prima? Pshaw! Of course! Loved going to visit everyone at the booth and put face to names. I'll break it down into three statements:

1. The booth was gorgeous.
2. The products far succeeded the booth in gorgeousness
3. The staff is a HOOT!

Saturday night a whole gaggle of us gathered together to for a big ol' pizza at the famous Gino's East.

Chantal's husband Gordon double-fisting the Coronas. and pizza.

KC and Chantal relaxing after a hard day of walking the floor.

And kicking back with the girls at Canadian Scrapbooker! Left to right: Jackie Ludlage, Kathy Thompson -Laffoley, Heather Starosielski, Connie Nichol and Katharina Doyle.

Alrighty, that is about the size of it all. I am so sad it is done. But now, I have to prepare for my flight tomorrow by making sure that all my liquids and gels are placed in their proper packaging. Ugh.


Nat said...

oh this looks like so much fun!!!

Stacy said...

looks like fun fun!! can wait to see some new stuff you learned there !

Anam_Kihaku said...


glad you had a riot though and isnt juli awesome :)

Ki said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time! Your new do is fabulous!

Jules said...

Bahahahaha sure was excited....that is a funny equation thought I don't know if it does my excitement justice. I hope your flight home was better than the one there!!

Brittany said...

So totally excited you got to meet Celine Nevaro!!!! LOVLOVELOVELOVE her!!!!! She is one of my faves right now!!!! Looks like an awesome time!!! You need to make a trip to Calgary for a visit!!!!