Saturday, March 1, 2008

And They Say Blue is Supposed to Be Calming...

Blue. Doesn't that sound lovely? Calming? Clean? Well, it did at one point.

I spent a very long time picking out my wall colors for my scraproom to be and I finally decided on this palette.
I wanted a clean room. Light and airy. See that light, light blue? I wanted that for the walls and the ultra white at the bottom for accent, along with small pops of bright orange and blue (the dark blue could have varied, but for the sake of example my main color is that light, almost white blue). But those were mainly going to be for accessories. Add in some maple and dark wood flooring and we're set! My vision was Ikea clean.

It was a cute vision. It was an organized vision. I was excited.

Now, to pick the paint chips. Trevor laid them out on the coffee table and told me to match my choices. And it goes something like this:

Me: There it is. That is the blue. Trevor: That is yuck. Me: That is the same blue in my picks, Trevor. That's it. Trevor: No, it's not. It is this one. Me: That is too dark. This is the blue, it is almost white. And besides, it is darker when you put it on. Trevor: Well, whatever. But this is the blue right here. Me: Fine. Whatever. It is my room, but you seem to be a Pantone color master. I am sick of arguing about this. This is the blue, but you think you are the expert...

So, off I send him for the paint.
Worst. Move. Ever.
In all his glorious manly stubbornness he gets his blue and proceeds to paint it on the walls while I was at work. Now, I don't begrudge him for the painting, he enjoys it and I appreciate that, but when I got home, he greets me with, "your room is painted."
So I rush down to see. Excited.
And sure enough......

His blue. Ugh. Men. Stubborn.

"It sure is blue," he says with a dash of disgust, and a small sense of triumph, like it was my pick.

I. Could. Have. Killed. Him.

I told him I didn't pick this. He did.

But I thought, Ok Janine, you can work with this. All that time, I was really thinking, no Janine, you can't.

So, flash forward to the confirmation of the floor. Trevor found out that he can get an interior designer in for his den when you pick the floor. So in comes the designer and chooses some colors. I couldn't make it because I was at work, so here I am getting a play by play on the phone. Then Trevor proceeds to tell me, with a that little bit of triumph and "I told you so" in his voice, "When the guy looked in your room and saw that color, he shuddered!" Like he had nothing to do with it.

I told him that would have been a non-issue, if he actually picked what I wanted. He was reminded, that his stubbornness and lack of listening skills were to blame on that one.
Sorry, dude. Game over. Stay out of the color picking game.

To wrap up this story, we are going to repaint. Husband's opinion censored. Just allowed to brush it on. End of story.

And moving on to other things......

Did you see on the Prima Blog?

In celebration of Leap Day they are giving out not one, but TWO Picks of the Week!

Love these picks! You better be quick. Go to the blog and leave a comment by early Monday morning. You don't want to miss out.

And the other day I posted a new page to my galleries. I finally got a bit of time to play with all the new releases from Prima.

Prima Products:
Paper – Whisper Collection in “Sigh” #820251, “Enlightened” #820275, “Adored” #820237
Super Fabulous Journaling Squares #517748
Flowers – Prima Obsession # 523916
Buttons – Cavalier Chipboard Buttons # 810115
Lace - #519797
Felt Alphabets – Hazel #812331
Stamps – Petit Duo clear Acrylic Stamp “n” #810719
Build A Frame - #517724
Journal Frames - #517717
Other Products Used:
Gold Paint Pen – Sakura
StazOn – Tsukineiko
Embroidery Floss

I was really excited to use these pictures too. I took them during our May Long Weekend camping trip to Rocky Mountain House. It was when I first bought my camera and I spent the weekend playing with settings and taking pictures of the great outdoors.

Alrighty, now I gotta get cleaning the disaster that is my home. My creative juices always seem to forge a path of supplies in its wake......

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Bawaahaaa-haaa!!! Oh. My. Goodness! My husband must be a distant relative because they do the same crap!! But what a funny story! Guys just don't get it...women are smarter! wink-wink!!

Can't wait to see you completed room.

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Oh my gosh. How is it that when they screw up, they think it was OUR fault! SHEEEESH! Good luck on the repaint. It will all be worth it when it's done:)

In the meantime, it's a friggin' hilarious story. Sorry girl, but I nearly choked reading it a couple of times! Drew says he likes Trevors' style more and more:) lol! MEN!


Jamie said...

"Pantone color master" HA HA! I am very glad my Trevor looks at me blankly when I ask "Do you like this color" leaving it all up to me. Saves me the trouble of having to kill him for that too :D

Darleen said...

MEN! My DH won't let me paint, he says I'm too sloppy (there may be some truth to this), but I am so the decorator in the family, but he paints whatever colors I tell him, he just spend the next whatever years calling the colors things like "baby poop" and "dog puke" instead of the actual colors. Gotta love them!!

Stacy said...

boys suck sometimes lol!! good luck with repaint!!!

Aline said...

Oh my, he could be a brother of my husband, lol.
You have to scrap this story, that's for sure. Looking forward to see the finished room!
And I love your layout, so beautiful!

scrappaleica said...

Janine, I am laughing myself silly! Why don't they ever just trust our judgement? I think your palette is quite nice, can't wait to see the repaint! LOL!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

OMG!!!! Talk about stubborn! That is ONE funny story!

Bree Stanley said...

My bathroom is the same colors. i got a ton of stuff at ikea for it. rugs, decorations and stuff!!!!