Tuesday, November 6, 2007

On the Crux of Something Big.....

Alrighty. Lately, I have been consumed. Busy and completely full of thought. And after all that ecitement at CSC4K, I just had to take a little step back and refocus on other things. Even so, got some big news and I am still consumed.

Hubby got offered a promotion.
In Estevan.
Yep, may be moving.

We aren't sure what is going to happen. Frankly, we don't want to leave. We LOVE it in Alberta. We moved to Alberta because this is where we want to be.
And, just when we figured that we were going to say no, they ask hubby to "try it out for a couple of weeks". So that's where he is, trying it on for size.


There are plenty of positives if we take it. Closer to family, seeing all of our old friends again. And lots of opportunity to teach!
We shall see.....

Anyways, with Trevor gone, Jake and I are planning to go into Red Deer to visit a old dear friend from Saskatchewan. We have been friends since Grade 4! We hardly ever see each other anymore, so I am THRILLED! Then Jakers and I are going to go explore Agri-trade. Tractors, cattle, and lots of other great things. Should be a fun day!

And I am scrapping. Scrapping, scrapping. I am starting to do an Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame entry. Yep, giving it a shot. After all that has been going on, I am still going for it. Just love playin' around. I never expect to win when I enter these things, but it is fun to play along and see what happens.

What else? Hmm......not too much. I entered the Daisy D's design tam search to see what will happen. So, I'll leave you with a wall hanging I did with Daisy D's Autumn Collection


Stacy said...

k love the new banner and i stopped in serendipity the other you lucky girl living so close to something cool and congrats and best wishes on the rest let us know as soon as you do

Anam_Kihaku said...

gorgeous layout girlie. good luck with everything :)

Trisha Ladouceur said...

love all that you have done! You ROCK girlie:)

Miss ya