Monday, May 28, 2007

Blog I Must......

My oh my. I've tried to blog in the past and it just didn't work. This time....this time I vow it to be different. I have now taken my sweet time investing in this blog and darn it, I'm going to stick to it. I promise, no crossies behind my back here!

I just decided I wanted a place just to talk about the little slice of life I got and a place to talk about my scrapbooking. My creations, my triumphs, and projects. I love it so much, I tell ya! For me it is a thing that I do that creates joy for me and my family (just ask my Dad, he's my biggest fan!).

So, I hope that when you come and see what I am up to, that you consider coming back again. Maybe learn to do something new or get excited about the things that get me excited too.

But for today, I have to get off of here and do up some paperwork. I have to clean my scrapbook room so I can actually scrap! I'll be back soon. Really.

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